James Lavino. Composer.

WFMU interview

In May 2016, I appeared on Morricone Island, the film-music program on iconic radio station WFMU. Host Devon E. Levins and I discussed recent projects including ‘Wiener-Dog‘, ‘Sex and Broadcasting‘ and ‘You Were Never Here‘.
00:01-04:16 music from Sex & Broadcasting
04:16-06:46 program intro, by Devon E. Levins
06:46-15:11 music from Sex & Broadcasting
15:11-22:25 discussion about Sex & Broadcasting
22:25-28:26 discussion about Unlocking the Cage
28:27-32:14 music from Unlocking the Cage
32:14-39:06 discussion about Wiener-Dog
39:07-41:42 discussion about You Were Never Here
41:42-43:41 music from Wiener-Dog
44:00-46:58 music from You Were Never Here
46:58-55:00 discussion about beginnings as a composer, Woodpecker, etc
55:15-57:00 music from Woodpecker
57:01-57:55 music from Harmony
57:55-61:21 Beati Quorum Via