James Lavino. Composer.

Almost in Love

Music for feature film directed by Sam Neave.
The film, which consists of two uninterrupted 40-minute takes, stars Alex Karpovsky, Marjan Neshat, Gary Wilmes and Alan Cumming.
This is James’s third collaboration with Sam, after

First Person Singular and

Cry Funny Happy.
“Fascinating… a bravura display of hand-held camerawork, sound design and improvisational performance.”
Andy Webster, New York Times
“Impressively acted and gorgeously shot, it’s a testament to what a director of true vision can do with the barest of resources.”
New York Magazine [CRITIC’S PICK]
“daring… the terrific new two shot high-wire act… is a surprisingly rich meditation on friendship, the difficulty of settling down and the importance of being earnest. Its formal ingenuity and winning cast make it a picture to watch out for.”
Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine
The film’s website here.